Sexuality is a complex, fascinating, potentially life changing and life affirming part of us. It is affected by our families, religion, culture, gender, physiology, place of birth and the media. Unfortunately, for many of us there are messages from one or more of these entities that have either life long or temporary negative effects on the fulfillment of our personal sexual expression. Some common issue I can help with are:

PROBLEMS WITH LIBIDO or SEXUAL DESIRE: Since our sexual desire springs from many aspects of our being, there are a myriad of things that can affect how we express it, how often, with whom and whether or not it enhances our life and well being. If you are experiencing issues in this area I can help you unpack the causes and assist in getting you where youʼd like to be.

MISMATCHED SEXUAL DESIRE or DESIRE DISCREPANCY: Sometimes individual problems with sexual desire can lead to a situation in a relationship when one partner wants to engage much more frequently in sexual activity than the other partner. Sometimes couples are just mismatched in their level of interest to engage sexually. If this is causing distress or discord in the relationship for either partner, we can work on strategies to resolve, or improve, this issue.

PROBLEMS WITH ORGASM: For some people it is very easy to be orgasmic. For others it is as elusive as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Some people are orgasmic for a period of time in their lives, and then not. Some have never been orgasmic. We can delve into the physiological, psychological, and spiritual factors that may be impacting your ability to be orgasmic.

PAINFUL SEXUAL INTERCOURSE: Intercourse should be a joyful, pleasurable experience. It should not be painful. There are many physical reasons that intercourse may be painful. Though sometimes psychological trauma may be a cause of painful intercourse, no care provider should ever tell you itʼs “all in your head”. With my nursing and midwifery skills, paired with counseling techniques, we can work together to find a reason for, and a resolution to, problems with painful intercourse.

SEXUAL PROBLEMS RELATED TO PREGNANCY AND POSTPARTUM: Pregnancy and having a new baby are among lifeʼs most miraculous events. Full of joy and wonder, these are life changing events. There are numerous challenges as a couple navigates adding a new addition to their relationship. Though joyful and wondrous, the postpartum period can also be fraught with distress, especially when it comes to dealing with the sexual changes that may occur. I bring over 25 years of experience working with new mothers and their families to this issue.

ISSUES WITH ERECTILE PROBLEMS AND EARLY (PREMATURE) OR DELAYED EJACULATION: Many men, at some point in their lifetime, will experience a frustrating sexual problem. Though sometimes more difficult for men, talking about it with a skilled, caring professional can often, not only resolve the problem but give greater understanding about sexuality and improve overall sexual intimacy with their partners.