About Me
I believe we all have within us the tools and abilities to find our way to the most satisfying sexual relationships possible. Just as I have "midwifed" many babies into the world, so too I feel my role is to midwife, or help catalyze, the changes necessary to grow into the sensual/sexual directions...
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What I Treat
The most common issues people come to me for help with are:
  • problems with sexual desire or libido (individuals and couples)
  • mismatched sexual desire or desire discrepancy (when one partner wants to engage sexually more than the other and it is causing discord in the relationship)
  • problems with orgasm
  • painful sexual intercourse
  • sexual problems resulting from pregnancy or the postpartum period
  • issues with erectile problems and early (premature) ejaculation
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Recent Blog Posts

Maybe it's about Time

I see so many different types of clients in my counseling practice. They come for a myriad of reasons. Their issues and challenges stem from many different sources. For some people it's a matter of physiological and biological misinformation. A matter of function and mechanics, if you will. This is pretty easy to remedy. I just replace the misinformation with new and accurate information and a clear understanding of how things actually work and respond. I sometimes offer different techniques that haven't
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